CND Spa Geardenia Woods Manicures and Pedicures natural home visit pamper st albans

CND™ Spa Gardenia Woods Manicures and Pedicures

Spa treatments hydrates and soften the skin with a botanical blend of soothing camomile and purifying sandalwood.

CND Scentsations - lotions and washes new and improved formula
CND Scentsation Lotions - NEW and improved formula

CND™ Scentsations Lotion     Collection

The CND Scentsations Lotions contain Aloe Barbadense Leaf Juice to moisturise, soothe and condition the skin while vitamins A and E help to promote healthy skin.

The hand & body lotions are available in:

  • Black Cherry & Nutmeg
  • Citrus & Green Tea
  • Lavender & Jojoba
  • Mango & Coconut
  • Strawberry & Prosecco (limited edition)
  • Tangerine & Lemongrass

They deeply cleanse the skin with a delicately scented blend of fragrances that protect and moisturise. Containing ingredients of natural origin, the washes are vegan-friendly and suitable for all skin types and enriched with Jojoba to cleanse skin without over-drying.

Callus Peel

uk callus peel natural ingredients smooth feet pedicure deep heels treatemnt home visit st albans

If you are looking for deeper treatment for your summer flip flops feet - UK Callus Peel is amazing in just 15 min gives significant results with 99% natural ingredients. What we would ask for more - quicker and effective. Why you don't try it today? Suitable for everyone inc diabetics and during pregnancy.

* not in the first trimester, as contains natural oils 


cnd shellac

























Enjoy the non chipping gel colour for up to 14 days with the latest LED light technology from Shellac directly.

brisa cnd hard gel overlay nails at home st albans hypoallergetic

CND Brisa Hard Gel


Meet the first acrylate-free gel system in the world.
Brisa is hypo-allergenic and odour-free. Think that's nothing to sneeze at? Consider this. It's like a coat of armour for the nails. Plus, it is non-stringy, self-leavening and requires minimal filing. The luminous shine is unparalleled. Brisa is a permanent top coat that allows clients to grow out their own strong natural nails.
So beautiful, it's hard to believe it's gel!


Designed for a versatile and convenient multi-problem solution for nails, CND™ PLEXIGEL’s technology provides 3+ weeks of strength, length and shape with minimal application time. Repair chips, cracks and splits with CND™ PLEXIGEL’s flexible and tough coating that simultaneously protects the natural nail. The clean and simple brush-in-a-bottle system requires no mixing or dipping, while the custom brushes and self-levelling formula delivers smooth and precise application. Backed by science, deeply rooted in nail health, CND™ PLEXIGEL is formulated to shape, build and protect nails with no nail damage*. You can leave nails perfectly clear or finish with your favourite CND™ colour! The options are endless!

nail art beauty by lidiya st albans handmade unique pamper

Add unique look to your nails. Hand made and smile every time you look at your nails :)


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St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. 


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