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Are you tired of doing job you don't really enjoy or maybe you are tired of long hours and late nights and not much been paid or just finished beauty collage or beauty course and you have no idea where to start from? Or you had a beauty qualification long time ago and you never manage to use it. Or simply you need a change of career to work around your kids or looking for a new lifestyle as general?


If something of this sounds about right - then Mobile Beauty Biz is exactly for you. Let me guide you through the right steps to take in the beauty industry and polish your skills and teach you how to earn good money in your own time making something you really enjoy and connect you with lovely local people.


I am happy to share with you my over 10 years salon experience and my over 4 years susses full mobile beauty business owner. I will create a plan especially for you to reach your dream job in the time suits your lifestyle.


We are all living in a fast moving times, where we need to make changes in our jobs in order to fit the "new normal".

Let me tell you about myself first - my life was my personal Pandemic 8 years ago, when I become a single parent and start working with agencies, in the Central London salons and local salons full time with my toddler left at full time nursery 5 days a week. This was a very challenging time, when I need it to fit everything around my child, be a good role model, build a career  and at the same time very rewarding, as I absolutely loved what I do. This somehow worked till the moment, when my child starts school and the full time working hours and late  nights in the salons, doesn't fit anymore around school hours. I jiggled around part time salon work, day hours and avoiding late nights and weekends, adding afterschool and holiday clubs, but how about Christmas??? When all that extra childcare is no longer available, but you are in the busiest time of the year in your industry and in your contract says - no holidays in December allowed?

I decided to get the risk and to start part time freelancer and part time salon therapist. This was my time to check is it possible to create a living around my child with what I absolutely love doing and I know I am good at, something I dedicate so much of my time and I spend long hours learning, but also lots of money and ended up with over 32 qualifications and treatments - it was by my surprise, the best thing I have ever done. I spend all my money in my 2 credit cards in 2 nights to build all the products and equipment I needed and said to myself " I have to make this work, as I know it will be amazing".


So I done it :) Now, I want to help you to do the same for you. This is the time, when everyone else realised that they have to work from home and around their kids and make a living NOW!!!! Don't wait, don't avoid and don't be scared - you need to act now and stay positive. This is very challenging time, but also time to become someone who owns his future. To build something which will last and will work in any circumstances. I am here to help, guide and support you xxx If I can do it, you can do it too


Lets get started together. Get in touch and fill up my  Application Form. This will help me to understand more about you, your goals, your desires and will create your individual plan to reach your expectations.  Leave the rest to me. We can do it together.

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You want to learn how to run your own business. You already got salon experience and all you want is to know how to set up your own company and how to find clients and right products to work with. Or maybe you rent space in a salon and now you are not sure how to find mobile clients?

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You don't have salon experience. You just finished collage or beauty training course, but you are not very confident in your skills and want to polish them first and then learn how to build your own client base and set up your successful mobile beauty or home based business. 

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You do have or don't have salon experience, but you want to learn how to extend your existing skills in order to offer the best services with best products and work with best companies for your clients. You want to find your perfect clients and to build successful carrier and be your own boss.

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Individual plan created especially for you. I will make sure I create a plan, which will be an easy to follow and will extend and build your skills, your knollage and will match your lifestyle. It will be as intense, as you wish in order to work best around your current job, child, lifestyle or even match any other circumstances. This is a special package, which I will make sure you reach your goals in your own time.


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