Full Body Scrub



Welcome to my new treatment in the comfort of your own home with 100% Organic Coconut Oil and Selection of Salts and Brown Sugar to compliment your current mind, body and soul needs.


Are you feeling that you need an extra pamper to reveal and feel completely fresh and detox your hole body?


Have you ever think to treat yourself for a special occasion and was wondered what would be the best way to feel relaxed, energised and fresh at the same time? (look how you can combine this treatment with other to make it even extra special - perfect gift for you or for the people you love )


Or maybe you love  your spray tan and finding it hard to exfoliate evenly all over your body and make the tan last longer, look more natural and even?


Brown Sugar & Coconut Oil Scrub

Finer scrub for gentle exfoliation, complimenting with smooth and silky coconut oil for deep moisturising your skin.


Dead Sea Salt & Coconut Oil Scrub

Soothing and polishing the skin with extra silky touch of Coconut Oil for a deep and long lasting hydration.


Epson Salt & Coconut Oil Scrub

Relaxing your muscles and tensions all over your body with a cashmere touch of Coconut Oil for long lasting hydration on your skin.


Himalayan Pink Salt & Coconut Oil Scrub

Detoxing, cleansing and softening your skin combined with Organic Coconut Oil.


Magnesium Flakes & Coconut Oil Scrub

Recover and relieve muscular aches and pains all over you body with the silky smooth finish of 100% Organic Coconut Oil.

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body scrub exfoliation

Why don't you treat yourself with Full Body Exfoliation following by 1 hour Full Body Relaxing Massage or even treat yourself with an extra Rose Oil Facial and get half price on the Scrub treatment

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