If you was always wondered, why all celebrities have the most perfect eyebrows and you are trying to create the same  look with tweezers and never had the same result? I can revile the secret for you. They use threading techniques to create the perfect eyebrow shape. It's perfect for people with sensitive skin or people suffering from allergies or during pregnancy. No harsh products involved. The thread is 2 layered - one with pure cotton and one antibacterial.

3 weeks individual lashes infill and eyebrow threading before lidiya mobile beauty st albans
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Eyebrows Threading

Our eyebrows are very important part of our beauty secret for perfect look. The good shaped eyebrows shaped to perfection our face and gives our eyes that open look. Unfortunately our eyebrows are not 'twins', they are actually 'sisters'. My goal is to find out what is your ideal shape, which eyebrow you would prefer and I can guide you through process of measuring and finding together the best out of it. And don't forget they are always cosmetic products to help you achieve your goals ;) Please take a look on my Shop for more details.

Full Face Threading

We are all covered in downy light hair. Threading helps not only to shape to perfection your eyebrows, to get reed of upper lip hairs, but also remove chin or side face unwanted hairs. Brilliant for acne prone people, as no products involved and don't extra irritate sensitive skin.


eyebrow threading after lidiya mobile beauty st albans home visit
eyebrow threading st albans home visit mobile beauty by lidiya

Threading and Tinting

For more define look, tinting helps always to bring the colors and frame your face even better.

*Patch test required 24-48hrs before the treatment!


eyebrow threading and tint and eyelash tint before lidiya st albans mobile home visit
eyebrow threading and tinting eyelash tinting after st albans lidiya mobile home visit




Tip: Hi Brow


This brow powder is brilliant for shaping your perfect eyebrows. Comes in 3 colors (natural brown, light blonde and black). In the kit you got highlighter to underline your brow and make it more define - good for night out and every day use. Also it does not require special skills to apply. Very easy to use ready made shapes, which might suits your dreamed brow or simply use angled brush from the kit.


HiBrow powder correct eyebrows natural shape dark black brown light brown blonde good coverage

Before and after eyebrow threading and individual eyelash extensions


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