It's a love of first sight ;) Get 10% off all my Eyelash extensions this February and enjoy the compliments - you deserve it x


Eyelash extensions has been getting more and more popular in the passed few years. I am an experience therapist working ever since lashes comes on the market over 12 years ago and I made my mind straight away - this is gonna be big, this is what every woman would love to have, but.. there is one but: "what makes lashes amazing instead of boring, ruining your natural lashes, shapes, trends....???"  It is a lot out there, but I wanted to make something amazing, discrete and for everyone.


I spend lots of time thinking about it and create the perfect lashes for everyone. I worked hard to really customise the lashes depend of your desire look, your natural lashes, your lifestyle and the way you gonna wear them, if there is a special occasion coming too. 


My clients never got breaks every 6 months, simply because I customise their lashes every single time they come for an appointment. They are happy and enjoying their lashes over and over again. It is so good to get so many compliments all the time, isn't it?


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This February in the month of LOVE , I want to give you ladies " the love of first sight" ;) I want you to experience that magic to look amazing, but without to be over the top. Something which will compliment your face futures instead of your lashes to be the first thing everyone see. My secret to lashes is: " you look amazing at all the time, but no one knows this is because of lashes. They all believe you are just naturally gorgeous ;) And this is the little secret to every woman, but at the same time is the absolute truth too x ".


When lashes come on the market they were mainly Individuals, so I need it to work with what I got and I start customising them many years ago and I still absolutely enjoying working with individual lashes.

This lashes are ideal for ladies with lots of natural lashes or ladies want to be absolutely natural and discreet. I promise to play my little tricks on them. Individuals also cost less, but this doesn't mean they are bad - they are simply for that particular client with way too many natural lashes and it's a great way to start your lash experience. I can easily convert your infills into Hybrids on your next appointment, if you want to experience another look too ;)


These lashes are my absolute favourite - I can't hide that :))) They gives me lots of opportunities to customise and to make every set even more unique. It is really for everyone, as I can make it "light" or "more heavy" look to each lady. Ladies with lots of natural lashes not looking for super natural look also absolute love these lashes and they got them over and over again with my speciality of customising them, so don't worry if you got lots of natural lashes you can still have these :)


p.s. I handpick my fans, never use pre-made plastic non sense ;) You are paying for my expertise, not for a machine cut out exact the same plastic fans, which will do nothing good to your look or lash health


These lashes had been on trend before the Hybrids and they, as their name, comes from Russia where the trend starts. But during the years they also got names as 3D-6D, Volume, Super volume and so on...

The simple idea is to apply more from one lash to one of your natural lashes by creating fans of couple of lashes, which are much lighter than individual lash extension, so your natural lash can hold the weight and be healthy. I love the idea of handpicking my fans, because again I can customise how many of these light lashes to put in fan, so your natural lash can be healthy, but at the same time you got your desire look too.


Never use pre-made non sense fans !!!

Now you can experience it all yourself for less in Feb, the month of Love get 10% off all my Eyelash Extensions with code "lashes10" on checkout and impress this special man in your life or just enjoy the compliments and who knows - you might find the man of your dreams, if you are still single ;)


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