Individual Eyelash Extentions - Removal
Never pull your individual eyelash extensions. If you would like to remove them, please book an appointment and leave the professional to help you. You not only pull your extensions, but your natural lash too. It's painfull and not good for ... (Read More)
Individual Eyelash Extentions - Corner Flicks (up
This treatment is for a quick occasion and want to look a bit more dramatic in your eyes. This little accent might open your eyes so much, that you won't even realise how much the little things could do ;)
From £28.00
Individual Eyelash Extentions - Infill
Thats a treamtment you need to be done every 2-3 weeks. Very rarely people need to do infills every 10 days. Thats depend of the moisture in your natural lash. Make sure you book your appointments regullery to keeo maintanance a good look an ... (Read More)
From £32.00
Individual Eyelash Extentions - Half Set (up to 1.
If you want your eyes to have a little accent and to look absolutely natural depend of your natural lashes this might be the right treatment for you. Please allow 24-48 hrs in advance for patch test and book your consultation.
From £40.00
Individual Eyelash Extentions - Full Set (up to 2
Have you ever wanted to wake up with ready made make up? This treamtent is right for you. Not need of mascara, as your look will be discussed during your consultation. "Touch of mascara" look or absolutely natiral, party - this treamtment is ... (Read More)
From £52.00
Russian Lashes 3D-6D Fuller Look
Add volume to your  natural lashes whilst keeping a soft and delicate look. Applying multiple lightweight lashes onto one natural lash using varying lengths along the hair shaft to give a light, natural feathering effect. This trea ... (Read More)
From £60.00


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