Brisa Building longer nails with a form
Longer and stronger nails - no problem. Brisa hard building gel can be used to extend your natural nails with a building form. It lasts up to 3 weeks, when you need to book for Rebalancing your outgrowing natural nail. You can choose your fa ... (Read More)
Brisa Gel - Rebalancing overlay
3 weeks after your application you have to fill the gap where your natural nail grow, also known as rebalancing or an infill.
Brisa Hard Gel - Overlay
Meet the first acrylate-free gel system in the world. Brisa is hypo-allergenic and odour-free. Think that's nothing to sneeze at? Consider this. It's like a coat of armour for the nails. Plus, it is non-stringy, self-levelling and requires m ... (Read More)
Brisa Rebalancing longer nails
3 weeks after your nail enhancement application it's time for rebalancing or infill. This is need it as your natural nail grows and forms a gap in between the enhancement. Also ensure the right structure on the nail is rebuild in order to la ... (Read More)
Callus Peel - 1hr
Deep treatment for people with build up hard skin on the heels. Leaving your heels amazingly smooth and soft with 99% natural ingredients. 
CND PLEXIGEL - Build longer nails with sculpting f
Sculpting forms are great way to extend your natural nails. CND Plexigel is a strong builder gel and at the same time it feels absolutely light on the nails and super crystal clear shine. What not to like?
Add extra strength to your natural nails and crystal clear shine with the new nail enchantment from CND. 
CND PLEXIGEL - Rebalance Overlay
3 weeks after your CND PLEXIGEL is time to Rebalance your nail enhancement. This is due to your natural nail grow. 
CND PLEXIGEL - Rebalancing longer nails
Rebalancing or Infills are need it after 3 weeks to fill the gap from the grow of the natural nail and build the enhancement structure in order your nails to last. 
Luxury Spa Manicure
Enjoy the natural plants extract CND Spa Gardenia Woods treat for your hands.
Luxury Spa Pedicure
Enjoy the natural luxury of CND Spa Gardenia Woods products with the amazing feel for your feet with my unique pedicure bowl - infra red massage, water jet massage, temperature and bubbles control all in a touch of your own remote control.  ... (Read More)
Mini Manicure - 15 min
Mini manicure is a treatment to add to your shellac and it's good for people with dry cuticles. Soaking helps to soften the cuticles and the shellac o it's own will last you longer. NOT A TREATMENT ON ITS OWN
Mini Pedicure - 15 min
Mini Pedicure is for people wanted an extra care for their cuticles and needs to be added to shellac feet treatment. Soaking in water helps for the skin to soften and makes your polish or shellac looks better and lasts longer. NOT A TREATMEN ... (Read More)
Nail Art
Nail Art - £10 per set or £3 per nail - be unique and create your own nails the way how you like them or just give me an idea and I will make sure your nails brings smile on your face every time you look at them :)
From £5.00
Paraffin Warm Wax for any nail treatment
Paraffin wax heat therapy increases blood flow, tolerances for pain, relaxes muscles and increases hydration in the skin.  Conditions benefit the most from these treatments: Rheumatoid arthritis Eczema Psori ... (Read More)
Removing Brisa Gel
If you no longer require your nail enhancement, professional removing is always a must. Your natural nails will need the care they deserve. Don't forget to get your Solar Oil to look after your nails daily. 
Professional removal is necessary. This is not soak off gel.
Repair a nail with CND PLEXIGEL /per nail
Repair a chip, broken or flat nail with CND Plexigel 
Shellac (hands or feet) - 1hr
Non Chipping nail color for up to 2 weeks. The most gentle on the market and well known brand using the latest LED technology curing lamp. Removing including with every new set.
Shellac Manicure - 1hr 15 min
Shellac Manicure is a luxury exoerience with amazing feeling. You treat your hands to lovely CND Spa Gardenia Woods scrub, masque and lotion, as long as the brilliant finish of the Shellac gel and you are ready to use your hands as usual. Av ... (Read More)
Shellac Pedicure - 1hr 15 min
Luxury relaxing experience for your feet. Enjoy the treat of the pedicure bowl soak with remote control for you to enjoy water jet massge, infra red massage, temperature control, bubbles and so much more with the CND Spa Gardenia Woods natur ... (Read More)
Shellac removing
If you would like to give your nails a break from gels or just need your hards free from gel for hospital appointments the geniun shellac takes only 5 min to remove. If you've got different brand of gels or acrylics please add £10 price, as ... (Read More)
From £15.00
UK Callus Peel with Shellac - 50 min
Callus peel is amazing super fast treatmens for your heels, if you add your shellac polish to finish off will get your ready to go feet even quicker. 


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